Musical Traces was co-founded in 2016 by co-directors and pianist-composer sisters of Los Angeles, Kaitlin and Emily Webster-Zuber. The objective of Musical Traces is to discover local community spaces for students to “Play Aloud” through musical performances, tracing the development of classically trained artists with the spirit of storytelling.

Musical Traces came about to collaborate with a variety of community partnerships in not-so-obvious spaces to offer the interdisciplinary wonders of classical music to an audience who might never happen upon a concert otherwise.

Performances have explored “Iconic Sounds” – understanding auditory sensations in engaging ways, while other community performances combine the traditional concert format, sometimes with an art installation or a dance presentation. Examples of these community spaces have been local libraries — our “public living rooms,” the Veteran’s Administration, the Blind Children’s Center, and house concerts.

In Summer of 2020, Kaitlin and Emily began the Musical Traces Soirée series, in which they hosted weekly Zoom concerts featuring their current musical projects, professional guest artists, and student performances. In Fall 2020, these Soirées transitioned to monthly events and are currently continuing.


Piano and Instrument Donations & Adoptions

If you or someone you know are looking to donate a working piano or any other instrument, please let us know! We have been working diligently (entirely volunteered efforts) to help The Music Guild instrument adoption program make matches by finding appropriate homes for the instrument donations. Additionally, if you are interested in adopting an instrument, please contact us. So far, we have matched instruments with students, libraries, churches, and schools, and we are dedicated to the success of this meaningful program.