…your commitment to bring music performance to the patrons of our library has been totally heartwarming and appreciated very much by the community. You are touching the hearts of children and inspiring them to achieve in the realm of music! I hope this partnership can continue, and that the music you bring will encourage all who attend to enjoy and create as they listen to Play Aloud.

Jim Sherod, Branch Manager, Little Tokyo Branch Public Library

Sharing our experience with Salastina

Curious about our recent experience with the Salastina Group performing with an Opera singer and composing some new pieces for each other to play? Read our blog post:  Inside “Sounds Promising”.

Wow, Kaitlin, you have done a lot in the community to increase the appreciation of music and art. Congratulations on a job well done. The world needs more young people like you with creative approaches to helping children learn about and understand more about the arts.

Ceile Hartleib

Art Competition Semi-Finalists

Semi-Finalist Winners of the 2016 Congressional Art Competition. Collaborated with Callan Milani to create the WAVES experience at the Little Tokyo Branch Library.

We’ve been published! 

Kaitlin Zuber was published on the Wallis Annenberg’s blog for the featured student blog post of the month. Read it here!

Musical Traces at Capitol Records

Check out Kaitlin and Emily’s small jazz ensemble performance with the Wallis Annenberg at the historic Capitol Records building here!

Seeing, hearing, and feeling art come to life adds so much beauty to our community. Kudos to the Wallis for providing a safe space for artists to grow in their disciplines, collaborate, and launch exciting innovative programs!!

J McDaniel