Musical Traces Play Aloud

Little Tokyo Branch Library @ 1pm
October 21st 2017

Is music a language?  We hear people say, “That music really speaks to me.”  But can we say that music is a language?  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “Music is the universal language of mankind”…The music that you hear today didn’t just happen.  It took the work of the composers first.  But then it took the support of the patrons of the arts and the dedicated work of those who play the music – requiring many hours of practice, and in some cases quite literally blood, sweat and tears!…Those who are blessed with material wealth support the arts that enrich the whole community.  Those who are blessed with musical talent become living conduits of the composers’ power to affect our emotions.  And we together experience the magic as that communication reaches us through the power of the language of music. – James Sherod, LAPL

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